Internet Company Director
Time in Japan:
3 months

What we do is basically for people who are having censorship problems in their home country, we relocate the information electronically so it' served from a different country. Somewhere where the laws are liberal enough to accept the information. In that way, people can publish their information electronically and avoid prosecution. It can be anything from totally normal corporate stuff to totally offbeat stuff like drugs, pornography, even political stuff. for instance, in Japan, it's illegal to publish anything political on the Internet. A lot of people don't realise that.

To begin with, people thought the Internet was totally safe, that it offered total freedom. That was until people started getting arrested because they were publishing, or even downloading, stuff that their government said was illegal. And in some countries, that can mean death by hanging! We're starting to get a lot of response from countries like Singapore, where the political situation is so intense.

We are worried about our security. We discovered recently that we probably won't be allowed back into Germany because we carry the leftwing radical magazine on our website. According to the German government, anyone involved with the magazine is a "terrorist". But other places in Europe are extremely liberal: Denmark, Finland, Holland, for example. In fact, we'll be moving the company to Holland next year. As for the UK, the English are just so anally retentive about sex it's unbelievable. Australia looks to be going the same way; they're just waiting for the right test case to happen. The people making decisions are just bureaucrats, basically. They've got nothing better to do than upset perverts like us!

In terms of the material we accept, we take everything individually and look at it for what it is. If it's legal in only one country in the world, for example, we'd have to sit down and really think about that. But basically, as long as it's legal, then we can do it. The stuff we're dealing with at the moment ranges from Australian government to pornographic sites and that'll spead even further as people come up with really new and interesting ways of using the Web. The Web is still only in its infancy. Globally speaking, still, not many people use it.

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199: Diane Morris
Media & Advertising
198: Ross Mihara
NHK Sumo Announcer
196: Corky Alexander
Tokyo Weekender
195: Edward Obaidey
194: Merry Angel
Managing Director
193: Alison Pockett
Managing Partner
192: Zack Konno
Car Export Representive
191: Pamela S. Caudill
Assistant U.S. Customs
190: Caroline Power
Being a Broad
189: Geoffrey Tudor
P.R. Section Chief JAL
188: Ryuko Ishikawa M.D.
Family Psychiatrist
187: Georges Hassam
Arabic Dance Instructor
186: Larry London
DJ at InterFM
185: Richard James
Photographer & Writer
184: Alan Kidd
Rock Musician & Editor
183: Adam Hitchens
Mobile Hairdresser/Masseur
182: Lylian de la Vega
181: Annie Chang
Computer Training
180: Mike Jacobs
179: Jimmy Angel
Rock'n'Roll Singer
178: Dante
177: Elizabeth Spencer
Tokyo Classified Intern
175: Paul E. Ainlay
Proprietor of D.B. Cooper's
174: Steve Bindon
173: Nanae Nagata & Naji Rahman
Proprietors of Heart Cocktail
172: Tom Holiday
171: Gordon Hutchingson
170: Barry Cardinal
Renshi Aikido Instructor
169: Tammy
168: Steve Feldman
Computer Dealer
167: Eve Suter
Flower Designer
166: Paul Goldsmith
Computer/H.R. Consultant
165: Avry Gottesman
Auto Dealer
164: Russell Pollard
Financial Advisor
163: Sa'dia
Belly Dancer
162: Marcel L'Esperance
Choral Director
161: Gregg Alan
Used Motorcycle/Car Dealer
160: Dr. Greg Sapplers OMD
Oriental Medical Doctor
159: Ute Ikuta
Cat Lover
158: Pam Adkins
Shaw College
157: Cloudy Bong Water
156: Melissa
Internet Company Director
155: Paul Gibson
Proprietor, The Fiddler Pub
154: Ann Spiers
153: Evans M. Asare
152: Sandy Weiss
Acting Teacher
150: Kike

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