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The Dance Workshop Webisode 4

Last one! We hope you enjoyed them. For more information about The Dance Workshop, click here.

Episode 1 can be found here. More to come soon.

Metropolis Media is an exciting new department in the Metropolis/Japan Inc. family. It is focused on bringing affordable video production to businesses and individuals in the greater Tokyo area. The Metropolis Media Team has training and extrensive experience in all aspects of physical production including planning, filming, post-production, scoring, and animation.

Whatever your video needs may be, Metropolis Media is fully equipped to help make your vision a reality. We bring not only the equipment and technical expertise, but the creative background and attention to detail needed to make sure production is a success.

Whether you need a commercial or short video designed to take your company's visibility to the next level or you need professional videographers to handle the documentation of a private engagement, Metropolis Media is ready to work with you.

If you have any questions as to how we can help you bring your ideas to the screen, feel free to contact us directly at Or you can click here, answer a couple easy questions about your project and we'll contact you as soon as we can.

Metropolis Media is currently offering services in the following areas:

- Advertorial Content

- Corporate Videography

- Promotional Events

- Private Parties/Weddings

- Sporting Events

- Talent Promotion

- Graphics and Animation

We can prepare the media for almost any distribution medium. From DVD to streaming internet video, from iTunes download to broadcast television, your imagination is the limit. All films are produced in digital high-definition and carefully planned with the client, customer base, and distribution method in mind.

Movie Portfolio

Please click on any of the images below to see samples of video work done by Metropolis Media.


Metropolis Media Demo Reel
A short sample of the various types of films and services offered by Metropolis Media.


Mecha Groove
Coverage of the live event, Mecha Groove hosted by Metropolis Magazine.


The Dance Workshop Spot
Promotional short for The Dance Workshop with instructor VIRG.


Dance Workshops - Webisodes
Short webisodes showing The Dance Workshop with Instructor Virg.


Valentine's Day Glitterball
Coverage of the 2009 Valentine's Day Glitterball hosted by Metropolis Magazine.


Halloween Glitterball
Coverage of the 2008 Halloween Glitterball hosted by Metropolis Magazine.


Halloween Global Party
Coverage of the 2008 Halloween Global Party hosted by Metropolis Magazine.

In order to ensure that your production looks (and sounds) great, Metropolis has organized a team of some of the finest young talent working in the Tokyo film scene. Their work has been broadcast on Japanese national television and featured in various international film festivals. It has been distributed through online magazines as well as DVD slips in print magazines. Their work has also been seen around the world as featured content on websites like Radar, Digital Grime, Future SnowBoard Magazine, Cave Dweller, and Metropolis Magazine.


Jesse Koester

Jesse graduated from The North Carolina School of the Arts in 2006. While there, he majored in filmmaking with a focus in screen writing. One week after graduation, he moved to Japan. Since arriving, his time has been occupied directing music videos, short films, and coordinating event coverage for a wide variety of clients. He also has experience in feature films, having written and directed one and produced another.

William Greenawalt
Director/Graphic Designer

William majored in animation and fine arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During school, he produced various animated shorts, some of which were featured in such festivals as the Philadelphia Film Festival and Don Hertzfeld’s Animation Slam. His films have also won several awards including The Viewer’s Choice Award at the Back Seat Film Fest and the Commercial Division Award at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Dustin Vance

Dustin began working as a cinematographer and camera man full time in 2005 and has never looked back. His main coverage was initially for snowboard related companies and making sponsor videos for various riders. Since then, his client base expanded to include magazines, web sites, and production companies around the world. In 2008, he moved to Tokyo where he now works as a full time cinematographer and graphic artist.


Thank you for reading about Metropolis Media. We appreciate your time and interest in our services.

Feel free to contact us directly at