The big chill
It's that time of year again, when Tokyo's dry air, biting winds and harsh indoor heating wreak havoc on skin. Tama Miyake shows you how to fight the itch.

Renowned for its natural richness and healing properties, shea butter is a blessing to winter skin. French skin care brand L'Occitane has harnessed the resources of West Africa's Burkina Faso to create its signature Shea Butter Collection. Try the 100 percent pure shea butter emollient to soothe dry and sensitive areas or the 20 percent shea butter hand cream to keep fingers smooth and palms nourished. The collection also includes a range of soaps, shower creams and hair care products.
Available at L'Occitane boutiques nationwide.

As winter closes in, skin becomes parched and needs extra help retaining adequate moisture. Prodigy by Helena Rubinstein can help. With vitamin B5 and royal jelly—a powerful antioxidant and longevity supplement—this anti-aging concentrate seals in moisture, helps rejuvenate skin, and slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Smooth over your face and neck before hitting the streets or slopes.
¥18,000 for 50g from all Helena Rubinstein boutiques. Goes on sale Jan 4.

It's a fact of life that we'll all have wrinkles one day, if not already. Dry skin only exacerbates the situation, making it harder for skin to recover its youthful appearance. Helena Rubinstein has come up with a way to boost skin's collagen production year-round without the aid of a needle. Collagenist is a plumping serum made with phytokine and cytovitine, both of which are said to smooth wrinkles, firm skin and improve elasticity. Use daily on face and neck and to see a gradual return of the face you thought time had taken away.
¥8,000 for 30ml from all Helena Rubinstein boutiques.

Body Butter
It may be wrapped in wool from neck to toe, but that doesn't mean your body is protected from winter's harsh conditions. Daily baths and showers, as well as low humidity and indoor heating, suck the moisture right out of your skin. The Body Shop has introduced four new varieties of its body butter line, a rich scented cream perfect for winter, to get you through the season in comfort. Try soya, mango, shea or honey varieties next time you feel the itch.
¥1,500 for 200ml at Body Shop stores nationwide.

Photos: L'Occitane, Helena Rubinstein, The Body Shop, Evian


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