Music: Roger Waters

Pink Floyd freaks have cause to rejoice as founding father Roger Waters has scheduled a Tokyo stop as part of his ongoing In The Flesh tour.

Although he has no new material to promote, Waters has reportedly been enjoying an unusual two-year tour that has taken him from Moscow to Bombay.

"I thought it was just great; I loved every minute of it," Waters recently told Wall of Sound. "I felt a real warmth from the audience. Obviously they knew all the Pink Floyd stuff, but a lot of them seemed to know the stuff off [1992's] Amused to Death as well."
Waters is also reportedly at work on a new album, slated for completion this year, and has been performing songs off it in addition to older material. One of the songs, "Each Small Candle," contains the kernel of the theme that he is developing for the album. "The idea implicit in the phrase 'Each Small Candle' is thatÉwe're all as important as one another," he told Wall of Sound. "I've always been obsessed with the idea of senseless death and destruction and pain and poverty and things that are actually avoidable. I have a very strong sense that we're all in this together, somehow, and it's only necessary to make one mark and life derives meaning from that."
All this warm and fuzzy stuff comes as a bit of a surprise from the man who penned that ultimate statement in alienation, The Wall. Perhaps Waters has finally gotten over the embitterment caused by his rift with the other members of Pink Floyd, with whom he became embroiled in a lengthy lawsuit when he unsuccessfully tried to prevent them from using the Pink Floyd name. Or perhaps Waters has finally gotten over the death of his father in WWII, an experience that was the central force shaping his life.
After 17 years as the world's defining art rock band, Pink Floyd acrimoniously disbanded in 1983. Waters' first official solo album was The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking, featuring a guest appearance by Eric Clapton. He also wrote the soundtrack to the animated anti-nuclear film, When The Wind Blows in 1986, returning with Radio K.A.O.S. in 1987. Exorcizing the ghosts of his father, Waters' 1992 album Amused To Death was dedicated to the memory of a late WWII soldier.

Roger Waters plays Tokyo International Forum on March 30-31. See listings for details.

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