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Fashion: Café Society
This spring's new bohemians invoke add down-to-earth '60s flowers, fringe and free spirit to style to luxe leather and suede.

From left to right
Ikue wears sweatshirt (¥11,000) and sleeveless T-shirt (¥9,000) from Poetry of Sex. Kiyo wears pigskin suede jacket ¥130,000 by Koji ARUGA. Embroidered blouse (¥26,000) and layered corset skirt (¥39,000) from YAB YUM Western belt (¥15,000) from Minimum Minimum.

Yuki wears jacket (¥25,000) from Gardé Collective. Suraya wears pin-tack puffed sleeve overshirt (¥32,000) YAB YUM pigskin suede pants (¥125,000) Koji ARUGA.

Miho wears blouse (¥15,000) from Manifest Destiny at Matsuya Ginza. Scarf not for sale. Skirt (¥14,000) Garde Collective. Suede belt (¥39,000) from A Primary Akiko Ogawa.

Kaori wears lambskin cardigan (¥150,000) by Koji ARUGA. Scarf, pants model's own.

Rihito wears shirt (¥5,500) pants (¥8,500) from Go Getter.

Michiaki wears country boy tailored jacket (¥52,000), sailor front pants (¥34,000) sandals (¥26,000) YAB YUM. T-shirt (¥6,800) from Mister Hollywood.

Rihito as before.

Miho wears denim jacket (¥15,000) Alessandro dell'aqua at Studio Matsuya Ginza, blouse, skirt as before.

Kiyo wears jacket skirt, blouse, skirt, belt as before, floral pumps (¥23,000) Minimum Minimum.

Ikue wears sweatshirt, sleeveless T-shirt as before, checked pants (¥29,000) zouri sandals (¥22,000) YAB YUM.

A Primary tel: 03-5778-4615
Koji ARUGA tel: 03-5420-1730
Garde Collective tel: 03-5459-0240
Go Getter tel: 03-5469-0331
Matsuya Ginza tel: 03-3567-1211
Minimum Minimum tel: 03-3407-2969
Mister Hollywood tel: 03-5464-2340
Poetry of Sex tel: 03-3462-0952
YAB YUM tel: 03-5772-8822

Photographer Yoshihito Sasaguchi
Assistant to photographer Takashi
Stylist Martin Webb
Hair and makeup Aco Shimada
Models Ikue, Kiyo, Yuki, Suraya, Miho, Kaori, Rihito, Michiaki
Fashion editor Georgia Jacobs
Location: Frey, B1 5-8-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, tel: 03-5778-0823.

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