Health & Beauty: Summer shade

Play up that cappuccino tan with the season's glistening beauty products. Georgia Jacobs takes stock.


With saucy, sexy comedian Sandra Bernhardt leading their Summer '02 "Pool Party" campaign, M.A.C. is making a splash. The names might be cutesy but the look is 100 percent woman. The line spans the spectrum of muted, dusty tones to a smattering of pink corals and pastels sold only in Asia. Lipsticks come in fun colors like Pool Party, Lifesaver, and Sandy B (¥2,800), with Lipglass in Pink Lemonade and Relay Race (¥2,000), lip pencil in BBQ (¥2,000), Harmony Blush and versatile Sheer Color Extract liquid eye shadow in Breaststroke, Belly Flop, Splash and Scuba-Doo and more (¥3,000). Available at M.A.C., 6-8-18 Minami-Aoyama (tel: 03-5778-1802) and department stores where M.A.C. is sold.

Helena Rubinstein

The French cosmetics giant is putting on the glitz during the sweltering months ahead with their Summer Instincts line. Helena Rubenstein turns up the wattage with playful colors that bring the shine of sunlight, stardust and precious gems and metals to your fingertips, nails lips and cheeks. Ritual Color for nails comes in Spicy Copper, Diabolic Diamond (¥3,000) and, with Gloss Shine in Diabolic Diamond, Satanic Red, Brown Temptation and more (¥3,000) adding softness and shimmer to your kisser. Available at department stores.

The Body Shop

The latest line from this PC cosmetic company blends the illuminating effects of sunlight and pearl with the burnished hues of Mother Earth in Primal Lights. The Summer Collection includes a Lip Palette pack with three lipsticks and two glosses for creating full, luscious lips in two families, orange/pink and brown/bronze (¥2,800). Also includes a lip pencil. Brush to Blush in shimmering pink and bronze (¥2,500, color only, kit w/ retractable brush and mirror, ¥3,500) puts a glow on tawny cheeks, while Shimmer Eye Shadow in golden palm, shimmering gray, shimmering sand, and beaten bronze (¥1,600) lights up eyes. Available at all Body Shops nationwide.


"Bloomin'!" is the theme of the season at this Japanese beauty behemoth with seven flower-inspired products added to Shiseido's Peids Nus makeup line. Glossy lips and dewy skin are the targets of this new collection, which ranges in price from ¥400-3,000 and boasts the beautifying effects of glucosul hesperidin. The citrus-derived vitamin treatment is known to boost blood circulation and battle oxidants. Available at any store that sells Shiseido products.


Give your hair that super shiny beach look with natural henna. Japanese cosmetics distributor Ales imports the all-natural product from Central East Asia, where it's typically grown. In powder form with no added chemicals or preservatives, Henna restores strength and life to damaged hair, and unlike other henna treatments, it comes in a clear variety that won't alter hair color (¥1,500/3 treatments) as well as brown to create your own Indian summer. Simply add the powder to hot water, work through your locks, let it soak in for 20-30 minutes, and shampoo off. Available at Tokyu Hands.

Photo credit: Courtesy of The Body Shop, Courtesy of Helena Rubinstein, Courtesy of Shiseido, Courtesy of Ales Cosmetics

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