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Shibuya’s Zenmall (29-4 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku; 03-3770-1641), known for offering large clothing for men, is holding a two-day Early Bird Pre-Summer Sale. The sale will take place on the mornings of April 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun) for three hours (9am-noon) each day. During these times, nearly everything will be marked 20-80 percent off. Some of the bargains include suits with a spare pair of pants for \9,800 (sizes 3-8L), and summer casual jackets for \8,000 (3-6L). Imported designer suits by makers like Calvin Klein and Boss are also marked down to \39,000 and \59,000, respectively. Those who spend over \10,000 can take part in the Cash Grabbing Contest, where shoppers can dig into a box full of cash. Spend over \30,000 for two chances to grab, and \50,000 for three. Don't miss this rare opportunity, as it could be one of the few chances for those looking to buy large sizes in Japan, especially at affordable prices.
Ash 03-3770-3755
Clinique TCA
Club Boy Beau
Crunch 03-5459-123-
Dr. Allen Leroy Robinson
Hair Dressers Archecal 03-0449-6106
Hayato New York 03-3498-9113
Japan Electrolysis Clinic (Ginza)
Maiko Make Over Studio Shiki
My Boo Nail Salon 03-5428-1121
Neal's Yard Natural Therapy Center
Roksen Bar Cosmetic 03-5658-7675
Sin Den
Takagi Skin Clinic
Tokyo Skin Clinic
Toni&Guy Japan 03-3797-5790
Watanabe Hair Dressing 03-3405-1188
Who Ga 03-5570-1773

535: Anything goes
Add a little spunk to your life at Tokyo's zakka housewares shops. Hanna Kite visits five of the best.
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Tokyo’s hottest T-shirt shops boast designs by some of Japan’s top talents. Hanna Kite dresses down.
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Hanna Kite checks out five Tokyo jewelers that offer the perfect setting for your next shopping excursion.
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Trina O’Hara goes in search of the Japanese creative spirit.
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Move over, Hello Kitty. Sexy has finally replaced cute in Tokyo's lingerie stores. Hanna Kite reports.
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Trina O'Hara tracks down the latest tableware to suit any time of day.
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Trina O'Hara finds that Tokyo's flea markets and shrine sales suit all types of personalities and interests.
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Hanna Kite takes notes at Tokyo's finest pen and paper boutiques.
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Tokyo trendsetters have a knack for making old fashions new again. Jennifer Au goes back in time at the city's coolest vintage clothing stores.
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From haute to mass-market, designer to dowdy, Tokyo has a tote to suit every taste and budget. Jennifer Au tracks down the best.
491: Paper chase
Steve Trautlein goes on a search for Tokyo's best English booksellers.
487: Happy trails
A love affair with the great outdoors is easily consummated at these Tokyo retailers. Steve Trautlein gears up.
483: Top hats
Whether it’s a rooftop barbecue, a riverside picnic or an afternoon stroll, there will be times this summer when you’ll want to keep the sun off your face. †Martin Webb hunts down Tokyo’s best headwear suppliers so you can stay shady in style.
479: Oriental express
This summer, all things Asian are hot stuff. Martin Webb finds out how to get the look without breaking the bank.
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Forget Roppongi Hills’ aspirations to be the city’s cultural hub. This is the consumer capital of the world, and it’s all about shopping. Martin Webb reports.
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Backed by street-wise fashion chain store Beams, these seven new stores are upping the style quotient in Daikanyama. Martin Webb sizes up this brand new shopping experience.
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Stuck for ideas about how to make Valentine’s Day extra memorable this year? Martin Webb shops around for some great gift ideas for lucky ladies.
452: Perfect timing
For the rushed residents of our fair metropolis, keeping an eye on time is one of life's little necessities.
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The newly open Marunouchi Building is drawing legions of eager shoppers from all over Japan
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Tired of wasting your yen on last-minute gifts at duty free?
441: Toy story
Martin Webb tackles every parent's annual ennui and finds playthings that could earn you more peace and quiet than you bargained for
437: Natural selection
Seven new "select shops" are giving style seekers an excuse to keep spending
433: Window shopping
Stephen Cotterill indulges his yen and peers into the retail oasis that is Glassarea Aoyama
429: Jet, set, go!
With the holiday high season just around the corner, trendy travelers are in hot pursuit of packing accessories
425: Loud and clear
No home is complete without a sound system, and for audiophiles, time at home revolves around those little black boxes
421: Red brick revival
Once at the heart of Yokohama's bustling port industry, Akarenga Soko has a new lease of life as an exclusive entertainment and retail complex
417: Eye browse
An eyewear boom has seen new stores open and old favorites prosper
413: Sporting goodies
Shibuya sportswear
409: Go Figure
An army of action figures
405: Puff 'n' Stuff
Tokyo's best cigar shops

Happy trails

A love affair with the great outdoors is easily consummated at these Tokyo retailers. Steve Trautlein gears up.

Tokyoites might be forced to work in a man-made sprawl, but judging from the packed highways leaving the city on Friday nights, the city's residents use their downtime to flock to nearby campgrounds, beaches, and hiking trails. And why not? Surrounded on one side by ocean and on the other by mountains, the Kanto area boasts entertainment aplenty for open-air enthusiasts. Catering to this demand are Tokyo's retail shops, which offer goods for just about any al fresco activity. Read on for our pick of the best places to go indoors before heading outdoors.


Kanda Ogawamachi area
Running along Yasukuni Dori between Ogawamachi and Jimbocho stations is Tokyo's sporting goods Mecca, an entire neighborhood devoted to outfitting hikers, surfers, campers, snow boarders, skaters, divers and athletes of all stripes. Known as Supotsu Yotengai, the area features branches of such mammoth Japanese chain stores as Minami and ICI, but the real gems are the dozens of specialty shops on and off the main drag. Himaraya, for example, is an ordinary-looking skate, ski and snorkeling shop, but out its back door and across an alley sits its annex, with a virtual warehouse full of surfboards. Supotsu Yotengai also boasts one of Tokyo's three Patagonia stores, which is painted a funky yellow. Tops among the big boys may be Victoria, with eight floors of mountain bikes, fitness and sports gear, camping equipment and clothes.

2-5-17 Kanda-Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku. Tel: 03-5259-1177. Open daily 11am-8pm. Nearest stn: Toei Shinjuku line, Ogawamachi stn.

2-3-18 Kanda-Odagawamachi, Chiyoda-ku. Tel: 03-3518-0571. Open Mon-Fri 11am-8pm; Sat, Sun and hols 11am-7pm. Nearest stn: Toei Shinjuku line, Ogawamachi stn.

3-4 Kanda-Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku. Tel: 03-3295-2955. Open Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 10:30-7:30. Nearest stn: Jimbocho. (Japanese)


Just steps from Shinjuku station, this camping supply store offers nine packed-to-the-gills floors of travel and outdoors equipment. Karrimor, Gregory, Millet and Deuter packs on the second floor share space with Swiss Army knives and sunglasses, while up on the seventh floor a bunch of tents are set up for outdoorsmen and -women to spread out in. L-Breath's clothing section includes waterproof rain gear from such mainstays as The North Face and Columbia, while feet are well taken care of with hiking boots by Timberland and sandals from Teva-alas, no Birkenstocks. Outdoor cooks can load up at L-Breath as well, with hibachis, standing grills, Coleman stoves, coolers and even wood smokers on offer. A branch of L-Breath's parent store, Victoria, sits just up the road, and duffers can get their fill at Victoria Golf next door.

Shinjuku branch:
4-1-11 Shinjuku. Tel: 03-3354-8951. Open Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun and hols 10:30am-7:30pm. Nearest stn: JR Shinjuku, new south exit, opposite Uniqlo.


Mont Bell

Japanese outdoors goods retailer Mont Bell, founded in 1975, opened their first overseas shop last year in Boulder, Colorado, but right here in Tokyo shoppers can pick up their stylish and functional outerwear and hiking and camping gear at any one of four shops. With an emphasis on packs, shoes and clothes, along with a limited selection of trail food, knives, and tools, Mont Bell features such popular products as Zero Point backpacks and Oakley sunglasses. Their own clothing line, consisting of everything from T-shirts, shorts and pants to hiking vests and baseball caps, is built to stand up to the elements, and their recently released "Wind Blast" jackets and anoraks are lightweight and waterproof, come complete with their own pack, and sell for just ¥5,000. Head up to the factory outlet on the second floor of their Ebisu shop and enjoy deep discounts on everything from wetsuits, packs, fleece jackets and flannel shirts. Also canoes and kayaks.

Ebisu branch:
1-8-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-5420-7956. Open daily 11am-8pm, closed first and third Mon. Nearest stn: Ebisu, west exit (east side), across from Beckers.



Hailing from France, Aigle specializes in boots, shoes, clothes and gear that's rugged enough for hikers and skiers but chic enough to please the urban adventurer. Their impressive line of footwear features everything from knee-length equestrian jumping boots (¥20,000) to sporty canvas sneakers (¥5,900), while serious hiking packs sit alongside brightly colored hip bags (¥2,900) and micro-backpacks (¥3,900). Gaijin sizes, a trendy location and an airy layout make Aigle's Harajuku branch a must-visit for the fashion conscious expatriate looking to get back to la nature. More extreme enthusiasts can head up Meiji Dori to the The North Face retail store, which features the American brand's famously tough outerwear, and just a little farther, past Harajuku crossing, surfboards and lots more are on offer at Murasaki Sports' two Takeshita Dori locations.

1F Kyocera Bldg, 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibya-ku. Tel: 03-3797-4817. Open daily 11am-8pm. Nearest stn: Harajuku, Omotesando exit.

The North Face

6-1-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-5466-9278. Open daily 11am-8pm. Nearest stn: Harajuku, Omotesando exit.

Murasaki Sports
1-7-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-3479-5571. Open daily 10:30am-8pm. Nearest stn: Harajuku, Takeshita exit. (Japanese)


Jumbo and Od Box

Camping supply store Od Box and fishing goods retailer Jumbo make the cut due to their ultraconvenient location abutting Shibuya station and, in the case of Jumbo, unbeatable selection. Od Box features three floors of hiking and camping products, including Patagonia and Mont Bell outerwear, Salomon and Scarpa hiking boots, and Osprey, Zero Point and Karrimor packs. They also feature a wide array of Lodge cast-iron cookware, favored by camp-side cooks for their even heating and heat retention properties. Jumbo, meanwhile, is a three-floor fishing superstore that offers everything from basic rods and reels to live bait. Fly fishing goods include poles, hip waders and lure-making supplies, while deep-sea anglers can pick up boat mounts and trawling goods. Information on the day's fishing conditions at surrounding waterways are posted by the door, and don't miss the exquisite bamboo poles and their elegant cloth covers on the fourth floor-some retailing for over ¥200,000.

1-7 Sakuraoka, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-3464-7056. Open daily 10am-8pm.Nearest stn: Shibuya, south exit.

Od Box
1-5 Sakuraoka, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-3770-7887. Open daily 10:30am-8pm, Sun 10:30am-7pm. Nearest stn: Shibuya, south exit.

Photos by Steve Trautlein