July 30, 2004  #540
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776: Diplo
775: Captain Funk
774: O.N.O
773: Technique
772: Fantastic Plastic Machine
768: Naohiro Ukawa
767: Minus Contakt
766: The Shapeshifters
765: Cio D’Or
764: Fumiya Tanaka
763: Made In Glitch
762: Absolute!!
761: Wax Poetics Release Party
760: Brisa
759: Club Legend
758: Bonde Do Role
757: Ron Trent & DJ Olive
756: Special Event
755: Recloose
754: nbsa+×÷
753: U-Roy meets Dry & Heavy
752: DJ Gregory from Paris
751: Bonobo
750: DJ Kentaro
749: Solstice Music Festival
748: Raphael Sebbag
747: DJ Pearl
746: Shabushabu
745: Studio Apartment
743: Nicolas Matar
742: Patagonica
741: Yellow’s Last Dance
740: Lee “Scratch” Perry
739: Akiko Kiyama
738: Samurai.fm + Real Grooves
737: UK-Adapta
736: Hattler vs Seidel
735: K-Sounds
734: Kevin Yost
733: Cocoon Morphs Tokyo
732: Clark
731: Gilles Peterson
730: Ellen Allien
729: DJ Funk
728: 2Many DJs
727: Ninja Tune
726: Bruno Pronsato
725: High Contrast
724: Anja Schneider
723: Torture Garden
722: Mel Bruce
721: Fine: Frogman Cold Sleep Party
720: Pan-Pot
717: Cristian Varela
716: GT5 Endless
715: Product.01
714: Stéphane Pompougnac
713: Oblivion Ball
712: Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival
711: Jimmy Van M
710: Solid 4th Anniversary
709: Jeff Stott & Drumspyder
708: Numbers
707: Misstress Barbara
706: Funk D’Void
705: Air 6th Anniversary
704: Jerome Sydenham
703: Solar
702: Daniel Bell
701: WIRE07
700: Simon & Shaker
699: Cipha Sounds
698: Tokyo Calling 2 & Mimo2
697: Alpha & Omega
696: Kaori
695: Adriana Evans
694: Thomas Fehlmann
693: Medvacances
691: Dimitri From Paris
690: Andre Collins
689: Le Bateau Ivre
688: Paul Van Dyk
687: Yukihiro Fukutomi
685: Sugiurumn
684: Fantasia Tokyo
683: La Fabrique Five Year Anniversary
682: Frankie Knuckles
681: Mint
680: Luomo
679: Snowbombing
678: Reflek presents Global Electro
677: X-Press 2
676: DJ Juri
675: DJ Spooky
674: Orient Express
673: Raphael Sebbag
672: Mitte
671: The White Party
670: Luke Solomon
669: Crossroads
668: Peter Hook
667: Martin Solveig
666: Louie Vega
664: Technasia
663: Off The Hook
662: Shuya Okino
661: Split Works
660: Op.disc showcase hub
659: Steve Smooth
658: SonicScapes from the Netherlands
657: Halloweekend
656: Kentaro Takizawa
655: Digital doings
654: Chicks Rock
653: Sonarsound Tokyo 2006
652: Terre Thaemlitz
651: Real Grooves Vol. 13
650: KonZept Maus feat. Andrea Ferlin
649: XLarge The 15th Anniversary
648: Prime
647: Metamorphose
646: Ageha Summer Festival 2006
645: Satoshi Tomiie
644: Mango & Sweet Rice Presents
643: DJ 3000
642: Trance Redux
641: Francois K
640: Blood and Fire Sound System featuring U-Roy
638: Jenna G & Kabuki
637: Renaissance @ Club Phazon
636: Mitz Mangrove
635: Julius Papp x Sunshine Jones
634: Sundown
633: Fatboy Slim
632: Haus_Tek
631: Golden Week Special
630: Underground Resistance
629: Steve Bug
628: Franck Roger
627: Zen TV II
626: Kuniyuki Takahashi
623: Tribe All
622: Chris Micali
621: Black Summit
620: Frank Muller a.k.a. Beroshima
619: Kaori Ichikawa
618: YUK
617: I’m Not a Gun
616: Damian Lazarus
613: Double Trouble
612: Hard To Explain
611: Carlos Gibbs
610: Derrick May
608: Defected
607: Calibre
606: Addiction vol 7: Booty Funk
605: Module 4th Anniversary
604: Back to the chill-out room
603: Jeff Mills
602: Simon Coyle
601: King Street Sounds 12th Anniversary Party
600: Armand Van Helden
599: Weekend of the Living Tranceheads
598: Technikart Festival
597: Record Release Special
596: Duck Rock
595: Metamorphose 2005
594: Akufen & Mike Shannon
593: Utage
592: DJ Tasaka
591: Aldrin
590: Alex Paterson
589: Takkyu Ishino
588: Koss
586: Ellen Allien
585: Optimo
584: K-Switch
583: Pete Tha Zouk
582: Adrian Sherwood
581: Artistage
580: Shin Nishimura
579: Holidaze
578: Jonathan Lisle
577: Ari-Up & Mark Moore
576: Kevin Yost
575: Miss Kittin

574: Le Petit Orb
573: Idjut Boys
572: Chicks on Speed
571: Larry Tee
570: DJ Rush
569: Sieg Uber Die Sonne
568: Submerge Tour
567: Dubnation
566: Sonic Energy
565: Toshio Matsuura
564: Matthew Herbert
563: Derrick Carter
561-2: Freedom Village
560: Laurent Garnier
559: Toshiyuki Goto and Yukihiro Fukutomi
558: Junior Vasquez
557: Breeding Ground
556: Electraglide
555: Air Bureau
554: DJ Krush
553: Tall Paul
552: DJ Aki
551: Real Grooves
550: SonarSound Tokyo 2004
549: Tokyo Dance Music Festival 2004
548: Gilles Peterson
547: Kevin Saunderson
546: Bridge the gap
545: Fatboy Slim
544: The Archaic Revival 2004
543: Metamorphose 2004
542: Mediterranean Vacances
541: Sasha
540: On the phone: Carl Craig
539: Santos
538: Portable
537: WIRE04
536: Wackie's Live & Direct!!
535: LTJ Bukem
534: Richie Hawtin
533: Victor Calderone
532: Felix da Housecat: Electro-laughs
531: Expats rising
530: Laurent Garnier
529: Basement Jaxx
528: X-Press 2
527: 2000 Black
526: Adam Freeland
525: Body&SOUL
524: Goldie
523: Danny Howells
522: Coldcut: Fusing the DJ and VJ
521: Paul Maddox
520: Joey Beltram
519: Rising Phoenix
518: U.N.K.L.E. featuring Ian Brown
517: Tim Wright
516: Theo Parrish
515: Nordic Trax
514: Lee "Scratch" Perry with Mad Professor
513: Laidback Luke & DJ Dero
512: Ko Kimura
511: Judge Jules
509/10: New Year's Wrap
508: Timmy Regisford
507: Reel Up 10th Anniversary
506: Organic Groove
505: 10 Kilo All Stars
504: Juju
503: DJ Heather
502: Timo Maas
501: Neptunes
500: Halloween hi-jinks


by Don Crispy

On the phone: Carl Craig

Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills...the parade of Detroit DJs touring Japan is unending. But among the handful of elite artists to emerge out of the city's fertile scene of the late '80s, one stands out as a consistent innovator who has moved perhaps furthest beyond the mechanistic sounds of Detroit techno.

In his last visit to storied Nishi-Azabu club Yellow in September of 2003, for instance, Carl Craig played a diverse set that took in disco, house, techno, breakbeats, and, in particular, jazz. This was no coincidence, as Craig had that spring released Detroit Experiment, an album that saw him working with a slew of jazz legends from Bennie Maupin (who worked with Miles Davis, etc.), to Geri Allen (Ornette Coleman, etc.).

As Craig notes through the crackle of a poor cellphone connection from his car somewhere on a highway between gigs in Prague and Slovakia, the project required a sensitivity to the incredible history of music represented by his cast of jazz greats. But this is typical of the flexible approach Craig has taken to dance music in recent years.

He has toured not only as DJ, but also as one musician in a live band. One of the first DJ/producers to integrate musicians into his live set, Craig says he was hoping to bring his new band, Tres Demented, to Japan for his upcoming tour, but that "it didn't come to fruition due to the technical challenges and clubs being unable to accommodate what we're doing."

Craig's band, which also features a keyboardist and two percussionists, is currently at work on an album based on the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of voodoo, slated for release at the beginning of next year.

While Japan will miss out on a taste of his live band, there will be a "live" aspect to Craig's set, inasmuch as he will be bringing a computer with him that he uses to perform tracks while on tour. "My DJ schedule makes it difficult to find time for production, but now I'm using a computer on stage. I take a dedicated computer on the road, and always have it on in my hotel room, so I can work on compositions anywhere."

Cutting his teeth as apprentice to first-generation Detroit innovator Derrick May, Craig released his first tracks on May's Transmat imprint before launching his own Planet E Communications. Perhaps the key phase in Craig's career came in 1989, when he toured the UK with May's Rhythm Is Rhythm project. British interest in Detroit techno was spurring the country's burgeoning acid house scene, and Craig turned the trip into an extended working holiday, recording a number of tracks in the UK and Belgium.

His early material was typically minimalist Detroit techno, but Craig began to experiment with rougher sounds in the early '90s, and in doing so became an unlikely influence on the budding UK jungle movement. The mid-'90s then saw Craig vault into the upper ranks of superstar DJs, reeling off a string of hits including an epic remix of Tori Amos's "God."

Craig first toured Japan in 1993, and says he has seen some remarkable changes over a decade. "When I first came, people would just watch my hands. They were really quiet. But now everyone is going crazy whooping and hollering. I don't know if it's because of generational change or cultural change, but Japanese are much more responsive."

Already a grizzled dance music veteran at 35, Craig has been shifting from vinyl to CDs as he absorbs the new digital turntable technology emanating out of Japan's equipment makers. But he says that despite the change from analog to digital, the art of DJing won't alter fundamentally.

"DJing hasn't really changed in 20 years, and even in another 20 years I don't think people will want to see a DJ push a button to start a sound file. People didn't like computerized radio stations, and I don't think they will want completely computerized DJing.
"There will be an art form that will be preserved, and that art form will still be within the concept of turntables, whether digital or analog. I think there is still a lifetime of experimentation that can come from the archaic format of a platter and a record. There are still new kids out there doing wondrous things with turntables, and I think there still will be in 20 years."

Carl Carig@Yellow, 8/7, 10pm, ¥4,000. Tel: 03-3479-0690.

credit: Yellow