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Shibuya’s Zenmall (29-4 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku; 03-3770-1641), known for offering large clothing for men, is holding a two-day Early Bird Pre-Summer Sale. The sale will take place on the mornings of April 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun) for three hours (9am-noon) each day. During these times, nearly everything will be marked 20-80 percent off. Some of the bargains include suits with a spare pair of pants for \9,800 (sizes 3-8L), and summer casual jackets for \8,000 (3-6L). Imported designer suits by makers like Calvin Klein and Boss are also marked down to \39,000 and \59,000, respectively. Those who spend over \10,000 can take part in the Cash Grabbing Contest, where shoppers can dig into a box full of cash. Spend over \30,000 for two chances to grab, and \50,000 for three. Don't miss this rare opportunity, as it could be one of the few chances for those looking to buy large sizes in Japan, especially at affordable prices.
775: On the Sly
773: Fun with Ninniku
769: 100% Dry
765: Real Flatware
763: Ready, aim, snooze
761: That’s a wrap
759: Filming Nemo
757: Paper and Plastic
755: Mist Opportunity
753: Collect $200—then spend it!
751: Otaku’s Best Friend
749: Rhinestone Cowgirl
751: Otaku’s Best Friend
749: Rhinestone Cowgirl
747: Spinnerz
745: No Baggage
739: Sound Familiar?
737: Jet Blue
735: Hot Wax
733: Hot Tub
731: Outside the Box
729: Benchmark
727: Painting with Pixels
725: Sheer Brilliance
723: Straighten Up
721: Simplicity Rules
717: A New Leaf
713: A Suite Success
711: Samba seating
709: Say Unkl
707: Getting Dirty
705: City Slicker
703: Walk on water
701: First-Rate Second-Hand
699: Get a wave with it
697: Beyond the Paper Crane
695: Snappy Design
693: Posh Pad
691: Work of Art
689: Y’s for Living
687: Fall for fall
685: Eye Candy
683: Light as an Elephant
681: Green Summer
679: One-sided opinion
677: On your bikes!
675: Pint-Sized Play
673: Heaven Sent
671: The Shining
669: Any Ideas?
667: Dine in Style
664: Shoe Box
663: Artful Accessories
662: Celebrity Head
661: Outer Space
660: A brush with design
659: Street Smart
658: Jeans Country
657: Worth the weight
656: Jet set
655: Chaos Rules
654: Smooth Operator
653: Feel Your Art Beat
652: Sugar and Spice
651: State of the Art
650: Junior’s Room
649: Picture Perfect
648: Baby, we got designs on you
647: Mixed and Matched
646: Time traveler
645: Clear Thinking
644: Bag Lady
643: Under Wraps
642: Spine Design
641: Stretch out in Style
640: Material Worth
639: God is Brazilian
638: "Heaven and Earth" in your home
637: Precious Things
636: Stand to order
635: Über-embroidered Jewelry
634: Y, Hello
633: Bowl Patrol
632: From Virtual to Reality
631: In with the new
630: Light as a feather
629: Kyoto Premium
628: Oh, grow up!
627: Carrie it off
626: 007 Savvy for the Average Joe
625: Vanity fair
624: Gone Cuckoo
623: Hear her roar
622: Light me up
621: Style Setting
620: We Knead Style
619: Haute in Hong Kong
618: Little princesses
617: Second Nature
616: Camping out
614-615: Bags of Fun
613: John Brauer’s designs are rubbish…
612: Lights a go-go
611: Shake it up
610: From boring to soaring
609: Standing out
608: Scents of the season
607: Cute Dimples!
606: Hot Wheels
605: The X factor
604: Designs for life
603: Pretty in Pink
602: Building up
601: It’s a revolution!
599: Cloud
598: Animal Instincts
597: Amphibian Attack
596: Inner goodness
595: You complete me
594: Champagne wishes
593: Bring on Dodo Chic
592: Inspirational Shopping
591: Table Topography
590: Bless You
589: Protestant Walk Ethic
588: Block Party
587: Bowled Over
586: Light My Fire
585: Restir
584: Facing East
583: Chairman of the Board
582: Rainbow Coalition
581: Write Away
580: Inner Glow
579: Mother, May I?
578: Have A Seat
577: Wedding Belles
576: Racy Lace
575: Massage in a Bottle
574: Sporty Spice
573: Time after Time
572: Lighten Up
571: Prince Charming
570: Bling it on
569: Scent with Love
568: Flights of Fancy
567: Eye Catching
566: Arch Support
565: Light-Headed
564: Toy Story
563: Gilded Age
561-562: DIY Design
560: Domestic distractions
559: Watch Me
558: Aging gracefully
557: Surf’s up
556: Block party
555: Show pieces
554: Monopolize this
553: Oil paintings
552: Color me happy
551: Festival of style
550: The hills are alive
549: Madison Ave. moves East
548: Room service
547: Green is good
546: Sleeping beauty
544: Aroma therapy
543: Products of imagination
542: It's a man's world
541: Space age


Bring on Dodo Chic
A Japanese classic gets a funky update

Dodo is the product of a collaboration between the Swedish design trio CKR and Japanese furniture producer E&Y. A modern interpretation of the zaisu (that little seating unit you may have used the last time you stayed at a ryokan), the Dodo features a round, comfortably cushioned base and strong backrest. It even swivels. E&Y honcho Yoichi Nakamuta claims that its popularity might well extend to Japanese youths, thanks to its PlayStation-posture-friendly design.

As if being a slick, fun piece of furniture weren’t enough, the Dodo has also won serious artistic accolades: The chairs have been exhibited by Dwell Magazine in the US, as well as by the Crafts Council of London, while the Swedish National Museum saw fit to add one to its permanent collection.

¥86,000. Available online at www.eandy.com


It’s Punk, It’s Lacquer
Party boy Koichiro Kimura concentrates on the basics

To say that Koichiro Kimura comes from a family with a 400-year history of producing Japanese wares, a family whose patrons included ruling daimyos—well, that wouldn’t really tell the whole story. Kimura has a punk edge and is always the last one to turn in after a night of carousing.
Ten years of exhibiting at the Frankfurt Ambiente has allowed him to extend his blend of edgy-traditional to Europe as well. More recently, he’s shown at the Milan Furniture Fair, where this year’s “exhibi-show” came complete with an S&M performance and champagne-wielding Italian drag queens.

Penchant for parties aside, Kimura manages a company, Art Craft International, that handles design, production and distribution. He says the foundation of his work rests on shape, color and finish, and his fluorescent stacking pyramid boxes, done in an unusual matte finish, are an apotheosis of these qualities. Sold overseas at Colette, Corso Como 10, the MoMA Shop and Moss, the pieces are available in Japan at the Ozone Living Design Center, downstairs from the Park Hyatt.

¥500-¥25,000. Shinjuku Park Tower, 3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku. Tel: 03-5322-6500. Open Thu-Tue 10:30am-7pm, closed Wed. Nearest stn: Hatsudai stn (Keio line).


East Meets East (Berlin)
Ceramicist Anna Sykora has met her match in Shigeo Mashiro

Photos by Shigeo Mashiro

Some things just don’t go together: bleach and ammonia, excessive tanning and white eyeliner, Andy Warhol and Valerie Solanas. But God bless human perseverance, which keeps us searching for the perfect combinations. If we didn’t, former GDR homegirl and ceramics designer Anna Sykora might have been discouraged from finding a very natural partner in ikebana master Shigeo Mashiro.

After studying in England as well as in her native Germany, Sykora set up a ceramics studio in Berlin. There she not only designs each piece herself, but also throws them on a traditional wheel with Limoges porcelain. Finding inspiration in Japanese textiles, Sykora has designed a special series of bowls and vases that provide a balanced foundation for Mashiro’s ikebana, neither vase nor flower eclipsing the beauty of the other.

Their exhibition is in Kyoto (www.ricordi-sfera.com) from August 11-21, but here in Tokyo, Anna Sykora ceramics are available at Collex Living in Daikanyama.

¥5,750-¥142,800. 1-1-4 Aobadai, Meguro-ku. Tel. 03-5784-5612. Open daily 11am-8pm. Nearest stn: Daikanyama.

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