by Simeon Paterson

Frames Bar and Cafe

Keily Ramos

A welcome addition to the Daikanyama’s otherwise fairly spartan nightlife scene, this bar is so new that at the time of writing there were still a few remains of the construction work left outside. The entirely white interior (never been entirely convinced about the long-term merits of painting floors white but looks cool nonetheless) is still spotless and the vinyl (white, of course) sofas still squeak when you sit on them. While the fresh-faced staff might be less familiar with the food menu (not a problem if you’re just tippling of course) than in more established places, they make up for it in greater genkiness than staff in some other trendy bars that mistake laid back for lethargic. And if FramesEnewness precludes having a regular crowd, it pretty much rules out cliques too.

            Frames forms part of a multimedia complex that includes an Internet cafEand up-and-coming hip-and-happening club, Air. After finishing your work at the computers, browse the free B1 art gallery, Dress, then dip into what the menu describes as the chef’s “pantyE(sic pantry) or perhaps “meetE(sic meat) your date halfway if he/she isn’t so open-minded. Then head to the bar and it’s brightly lit bottles of happiness to soak up all that excess food with, among a good range of beers, Heineken (JY600), mixed drinks (including shochu cocktails, JY600), or something from a strong Australian, French and Californian wine selection (JY2,700-10,000JY/bottle, JY600/glass). If your energy is flagging, a caffeine-packed coffee (JY550) or deliciously sweet Oreo cookie shake (JY800) should pick you up before heading downstairs to dance the calories off in Air.

 1F Hikawa Bldg Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 5784-3384. Open Mon-Thurs 11:30-4am, Fri- Sun 11:30-5:00am. Nearest stn: Daikanyama.

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