Vitamin D

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Sugar Ray, the wonder from Down Under
Photo courtesy of Renaissance

All geared up after testing the waters with a series of small parties, Backroom Boogie Crew (BBC) makes its full-fledged debut on the scene with its first Digital event, featuring US rave legend DJ Vitamin D, at Roppongi' newly renovated Pylon this coming Friday. "The three new rooms at Pylon (ex-Coliseum Hall) gives us the chance to really mix things up," says BBC's Kate Savidan.

A leading figure in the LA rave scene of the early '90s, Vitamin D transplanted to Denver, where he continued to spin his own unique blend of dope techno and slammin' house at venues across the West Coast. Touring left little time for recording, but his one release, The Lift, became an underground hit, making it to the top of the dance charts in Rolling Stone magazine. More recently, Vitamin D has been voted Best DJ in readers' polls for Westword and Go Go magazines, while also hosting a popular weekly radio/Internet show for .

Joining Vitamin D will be DJ Ryski, known for introducing electronica to Guam (where he also invited Tokyo house DJ Ko Kimura to play), and for his massive, funky, hard house sets in Hawaii. Also in the lineup are CrossOver/In Action star turntablists Shinkawa and Monobe, as well as BBC resident DJ August and T.R.O.N. DJ Seishi in the house/techno room, and jungle DJ Ill-FX and others in the drum'n'bass/breakbeats room...

Meanwhile... over in Shinjuku at Liquid Room, premiere UK progressive house event Renaissance heads up another installment with a special visit from Down Under DJ Sugar Ray (not to be confused with the band of the same name).

One of only a very few Aussie DJs to make it to Tokyo (Nick Taylor also comes to mind), tech/progressive house DJ Sugar Ray is tipped for having sparked the emergence of the warehouse scene in Sydney in the early '90s. His Love parties became, and remain, the most respected nights in Aussie clubland. Playing alongside visiting big names from Sasha and Digweed to Orbital, Sugar Ray was also invited to be the national touring DJ for Oz's biggest music festival, Big Day Out.

To complete the Australian theme, Aussie Tokyo resident and master tech/breaks DJ Jaybee will be heading up the lounge room. Well-known Ocean (ex-Mothership) DJs 19 and Yoda are also on the bill.

Digital: Pylon (ex-Coliseum Hall), 6/22, 9pm, JY2500 (w/flyer), JY3500 (door) w/1d. 

Renaissance: Liquid Room, 6/23, 11pm, JY3000 (adv), JY3500 (door). Tel: 3200-6831.

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