It's a wrap

Matt Wilce has some holiday gift tips for those who don't usually give a fig about shopping. Hopefully you'll get as good as you give.

Fashionistas and design gurus will be grateful for a subscription to the world's favorite style bible, wallpaper* (STG79 for one year, The accompanying CD, wallpaper* mach 1.5 (JY2500) may have been out for sometime elsewhere, but a fall release in Japan means it's still hot property for Tokyo fans. Make it the soundtrack to your life. (Beams Records)

Wrap up one of Benetton's tie-dye style angora sweaters (JY9900) with their blue mules (JY11,800) for a soft and sexy surprise.

Photo by Beezer

Icon Shoes debuted in America in '99 and now the eye-catching shoes that look like Campbell's tomato soup and Tide packages or feature the work of Gustaf Klimt are taking to the streets of Tokyo (JY39,000). (Globe Specs)

Why not give the gift of time this Christmas with one of Diesel's stylish new line of 34 timepieces. The Diesel Time Frames collection features oversize watches with intense accents of color and chunky yet ergonomic bracelets. Dials are retro-styled and housed in rectangular stainless steel cases. Available in male, female and unisex sizes, the range starts at JY15,000.

Courtesy of Boudoir

Pamper your stressed out someone with a gift certificate from Boudoir, the creme de la creme of Tokyo salons. You get what you pay for, and this chic salon is no exception to the rule. The first class service starts at the door when you're greeted with a complementary drink to sip on the red velvet chaise. Boudoir features internationally trained specialists, and is touted to have the best waxing in town. But for Christmas, treat your loved one to a luxurious spa pedicure (JY13,000) or aromatherapy manicure (JY8000), both of which include a paraffin wax treatment, or a divine massage (full body, JY11,000, neck and shoulders JY7000).

Courtesy of Nike

MP3 technology gets a sleek sporty makeover from Nike with the launch of its psa[play120 (JY33,800). Record 64 megabytes of your favorite CDs or lay down tracks downloaded from the Internet. Once you're loaded up, hit the jogging track or enjoy skip-free music wherever you go.

Give the man in your life a touch of style with this velour jacket from Benetton's Sisley label (JY25,000; also in moss). Try teaming it with an olive wool scarf (JY2900)..

Photo by Beezer

Origin's Ginger Glow Candles (JY3500) give off a wonderfully seasonal scent of ginger to bring a warm glow to both room and occupants. (Shinjuku Isetan)

London-based Slovian jewelry designer Lara Bohinc is known for her inventive use of materials - leather, rubber, wood and even linoleum. Her current collection of bracelets (from JY8000) features oversized silver bangles accented with wood and leather thongs bound with silver. (Globe Specs)

Sony Computer Entertainment Corp.

The latest version of Sony's PlayStation2 (JY39,800) comes with a remote for the DVD function. Buy your best friend one, then take the opportunity to hog their sofa and work off that excess turkey watching It's a Wonderful Life.

Luscious lips are a gift with Shiseido's Piena Platininum Star Rouge set (JY3000). The four colors of lip-gloss and shading rouge should produce smiles all round.

Glamour Puss Glitter Powder from The Body Shop (JY2500) will make your favorite lady sparkle when you hit the dance-floor this Christmas.

The perfect gift for champagne Charlies this year is Veuve Clicquot's Magic Box (JY5600). The trademark yellow packaging surrounding the bottle of bubbly cunningly converts to a concertinaed ice bucket. Stop by Anniversaire for a split of Pop (JY1500), the diminutive bottles of champagne have been all the rage this year, and they make great stocking fillers too. The store currently has 120 different champagnes on offer, from baby bottles to magnums of special editions (starting at JY5000).


To celebrate the millennium Japanese style pick up some oversized
Rainbow Pocky (JY1000) from your local conbini. The giant chocolate wands will only be available until January 3 so grab some as stocking stuffing before it's too late.

Benetton's Bear Back Pack (JY4900) is perfect for carrying the rest of your presents. Fashion conscious rugrats will enjoy shocking granny with their new cow-print skirt (JY4300) too.

Photo by Beezer


For the dog who has everything try Oh My Dog! the best-selling scent for chic chien fresh from France. Pampered Parisienne pooches have been luxuriating in the aroma of the doggy perfume (JY7500) and shampoo (JY4500) and now haute hounds in Tokyo can enjoy the latest fashion to take the canine world by storm. (Shinjuku Isetan and Sephora)



featureninja.jpg (9271 bytes)
Marco Mancini

Kids of all ages will have fun with
Lego's ninja and samurai sets. Build an Edo period castle or mix them with your space Lego and do the time-warp. Shogun Castle Set (JY7500), Red Ninja with Boat set (JY2400). (Kiddyland)


Little Cartman will stay snug in this eye-catching vest (JY5900) and t-shirt (JY3900) combo from Benetton that's perfect for some outdoor fun.


New Style Japanese Cooking (JY1575) by Better Home Publishing ( Great for washoku enthusiasts who want to try their hands at making Japanese food at home. Recipes include tasty modern offerings like chicken with miso sauce, baked oysters and sauted scallops with butter-soy sauce.



Georgia Jacobs

Starbucks has a six-pack for your favorite java junkie this Christmas. The hexagonal Six for the Season box (JY2000) comes stuffed with four of the company's favorite blends plus two packs of the special Christmas blend. Other seasonal goodies include Christmas mugs (JY850), mug and dessert plate gift packs (JY1500) and the Santa Bearista magnet (JY600).



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Shopping address book

Anniversaire Omotesando
3-5-30 Kita-Aoyama, Tel:03-3478-5488;

Beams Records Da Vinci Harajuku,
3-25-15, Jingumae, Tel 03-5772-2526;

Benetton Megastore
4-3-10 Jingumae, Tel: 03-5474-7155;

Body Shop
6-39 Jingumae, Tel:03-3499-6396;

2-25-3 Jingumae, Tel: 03-3478-5898;

Diesel/Fossil Japan
5-5-8 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya;

Globe Specs
Andos Bldg 3b, 1-7-5 Jinnan Tel: 03-5459-8377 and 17/dixsept 3f 17-6 Daikanyama, Tel:03-5459-3646;

3-14-1 Shinjuku, Tel: 03-3552-1111;

1-9 Jingumae 6-chome, Tel: 03-3409-3431;

Ginza 6-chome, Tel: 03-3571-1651