By Cathryn Moe





March 21-April 20


2001 puts you into the limelight as your interests and career take off. Venus is in Aries Feb 3-June 5. The beauty of your soul touches others - you become inspirational as your loving qualities expand throughout the Spring. Your appearance softens, making you attractive romantically. Mars in your solar ninth house Feb 15-September 8 brings you closer to personal goals. Meditation, reflection on your commitments and spiritual progress widens your social circle all year. Travel becomes a "must" during the summer. As autumn arrives, you' have more time for yourself. You move successfully through a time of uphill although enjoyable transition. Rewards come in December when Venus connects with your point of personal strength and power.


April 21-May 21


Saturn goes "direct" in Taurus on January 25, giving your priorities a chance to take shape. Your strength returns as your money area is endowed with the good fortune of Jupiter until mid-July, building the financial foundation you yearn for. In your solar twelfth house of dreams and the subconscious mind, Venus, goddess of love, brings chance encounters which direct you towards success in the spring. Some of these meetings are past-life connections - you'll feel that a new acquaintance is someone you've known for a long time. There could be clashes with a partner over joint resources. Mars near Pluto in Sagittarius heats up your temper Feb 15-Sept 8, so tread lightly. Autumn is a time of career satisfaction as you find new ways to expand your current situation.



May 22-June 22


Jupiter goes "direct" on January 25, ensuring 2001 is rather peachy until mid-July. You become a magnet for opportunities that make you feel you were born to be lucky. Anything to do with communication, publishing and travel heightens your brilliance. You will astound people with your leaps of faith and good fortune. Venus remains in your solar eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes Feb 3-June 5. The opportunity to be in beautiful surroundings with influential people expands both your business and spiritual prowess. Your partnership sector could bring a hot temper or struggle for dominance Feb 15-Sept 8 as Mars transits this area. Retreating a bit, Autumn allows you to readjust your finances and personal power to meet the demands of travel and reawaken harmony within.



June 23-July 23


Your career and public image brightens in 2001 as Venus transits this sector of your chart Feb 3-June 5. Promotions, more comfortable surroundings and a pleasant atmosphere with co-workers makes you feel what you have developed is truly worthwhile. Chance meetings with past-life loves or an old friend you haven't seen for ages gives you the opportunity to clear out and resolve old "karma" before Jupiter moves into your Sign in mid-July. For the remainder of 2001 you are blessed with good fortune and lucky coincidences. Travel, romance, and a sense of respect from others boosts your confidence. Make sure you say "Yes!" to as many invitations as you can. Mars in your health sector gives you the stamina and courage to build the trim body you desire. By autumn, you have time to reassess your options and choose what's closest to your heart.


July 24-August 23


The first half of 2001 gives you no less than a charmed life, especially February until early June. Venus is in Aries in your solar ninth house of travel, and Mars is in your solar fifth house of romance during this time. You are bestowed with a triple fire triangle aspect, known as a "grand trine." Opportunities fall into your lap, while you balance your feminine (Venus) and masculine (Mars) qualities. Be careful not to overextend yourself, as by September Mars leaves Sagittarius and moves into your health and work sector. You'll have the stamina you need, but it would be nice if your reserves have been restored rather than depleted. If you have children, you'll find yourself very caught up in their causes, which stimulates your creativity. Your social circle expands as Jupiter transits this area from mid-July through December, increasing your confidence and popularity tenfold.



August 24 - September 23


2001 promises to be a better year with Venus in your solar eighth house Feb 3-June 5. This is a time when you could receive a bonus as opportunities come from a partner, legacy or an investment. The type and amount you receive depends on your "inner" work - have you removed all mental and emotional blocks to receive that which the heavens are ready to bestow upon you? The spring and summer imbue you with stamina and determination. Mars progresses through your "home base" sector. You may choose to expand your living situation. Don't let Mars' temper go to your head - you stand a better chance of impressing others with your verve and energy if you keep your cool. Autumn surrounds you with beauty, gift-wrapped in lovely communications that make you feel appreciated and secure.



September 24 - October 23


2001 brings delights when it comes to married Librans. Venus is opposite your Sign February to early June. Those qualities which so amazed you are now back in style as a "special someone" seems more attractive and loving. Some compromise may have to be made, however, to receive all of Venus' generosity. For unmarried Librans, your chances of finding a committed partner are heightened during the first half of the year. Get ready - Venus could signal wedding bells! Past misunderstandings will be resolved during the spring and summer. Mars cruises through your solar third house of thoughts and ideas Feb 15-Sept 8. You will shed old limitations and develop a new vision of yourself. Opportunities for career and public prestige are the best they have been for 12 years. Enjoy!



October 24 - November 22


2001 begins with Mars in your Sun sign, giving you the energy, insight and determination you need to see "through the veil" to opportunities beckoning. This is your year to make money and to stock up on new acquisitions. Venus is in your work and health sector Feb 3-June 5, while Mars cruises through the income area of your chart from February until early September. You'll notice your masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus) sides of yourself are more integrated, helping you to achieve your goals and long-awaited dreams. Until mid-July, the influence of Jupiter bestows good fortune should you attempt any transformative or "inner" work. Meditation, travel to sacred sites, and studying psychology all prepare you for new developments. Responsibilities begin in autumn, as your spiritual awareness deepens and you become a source of comfort to others.



November 23 - December 21


2001 is set to become firmly imprinted in your soul memory banks. The influence of Venus improves romance, creativity, relationships with children, and makes you willing to work for "the body beautiful". Although you have been dealing with Pluto in your Sign - giving you big ups and downs - Mars will be there as well this year, from Feb 15-Sept 8. You'll have all the energy you need to achieve your many goals. Mars conjunct to Pluto is very sexy - and very dynamic. You'll turn heads and receive enormous amounts of attention. Be sure to give thanks and remain humble, as others might turn away from your infallibility. Mars moves into your financial sector in the autumn. If you don't get caught up in Mars' hot-tempered ambition (running and swimming could save you), your money will grow and you'll find it increases when December arrives.



December 22 - January 20


During January there are four planets in your money sector. So much activity sets the pace - you're off to a good start in the financial races. Saturn goes "direct" on January 25, stabilizing romance and creativity. By May, a window of opportunity opens, freeing up restrictions that come with building strong foundations. Family and healthful foods take a front seat as Venus transits your "home base" area. Your work and health life takes on an enjoyable tone as summer nears. You are able to be your own authority, managing your physical, mental and emotional fitness, as well as your work environment. Jupiter bestows many happy moments to married Capricorns beginning mid-July. Dreams and past-life memories come alive in autumn. You may meet a special someone in 2001 who has been searching for you without your knowing it.



January 21 -
February 19


The Sun in Aquarius late January begins 2001 with an auspicious star of good fortune. Neptune is direct in your Sign until May, bringing inspirational ideas into focus. Jupiter opens up new vistas as it sails through your area of romance, children, and "taking a risk" until mid-July. Be careful not to overextend yourself as Jupiter moves retrograde in November. You'll need this time to become more physically fit and organized to meet the demands made upon you. Venus opens up your area of communication this year, as you enjoy the mental games and puzzles of life that challenge your ability to stay on the cutting edge. All the good will and expansion that you dream of is given to you in 2001 - are you ready to march through the veil of illusion into a deeper reality?



February 20-March 20


Venus in Pisces during January softens your appearance and allows you to feel beautiful inside and out. Venus then progresses into your solar second house of income and possessions for four months. This is a time to build your resources-financial, mental, physical and spiritual. Opportunities present themselves to you-learning to comfortably receive them will be your biggest challenge. You're also handling the energy of Mars in your area of career and public prestige until September. You'll be filled with a determination to move forward. Develop a healthy way to release pent-up energies when loved ones and influential colleagues seem to lag behind. A love for writing may bring new love into your life, and communications with family and siblings improve. Autumn brings inspiration and an awareness that you truly are connected with all of life.



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