Compiled by Maki Nibayashi and Stuart Braun


Judas Priest

Leather-clad Brit metallists still kicking ass with a new lead singer.
Nakano Sun Plaza, 12/10-11, 7pm, ¥7000. Info: 3475-9999
Parisian disco-house duo.
Shibuya On Air East, 12/10-11, 7pm, ¥6000. Creativeman 5466-0777
Rapid-fire, ultra-fast skate punkers who’re promoting their newly released album.
Club Quattro, 12/13, 7pm, ¥2800(adv), ¥3200(door). Info: H.I.P. 3475-9999

Mercury Rev

Guitar pop.
Liquid Room, 12/17-18, 7pm, ¥6000. Info: Creativeman 5466-0777
J-pop diva who can actually sing with a four octave, soulful voice.
Saitama Super Arena, 12/23-24, 1/11-12, 6pm, ¥6800. Yokohama Arena, 1/26, 7pm, 1/27, 6pm, ¥6800. Info: H.I.P. 3475-9999

Vincent Gallo

Cult hero supporting his debut album, When.
Bunkamura Orchard Hall, 12/25-26, 6:30pm, 7pm, ¥6500. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Uplifting soul-disco.
Tokyo Dome, 1/6, 6pm, 1/7, 7pm, ¥7500(S), ¥6500(A). Info: UDO 3402-9999
Ambient and dreampop, with an emphasis on neo-psychedelic sounds.
Shibuya Ax, 1/8-9, 7pm, ¥6500. Info: Creativeman 5466-0777
(Has been held back from the original September date due to the terrorist attacks in the US.) It’s been 25 years since this hard punk band began, so it’s time to celebrate.
On Air East, 1/9-10, 7pm, ¥5500. Info: Creativeman 5466-0777
Racer X
Melodic, technical and extremely high-speed rock.
Shibuya Ax, 1/10, 7pm, ¥7000. Yokohama Bay Hall, 1/12, 5pm, ¥7000. Info: UDO 3402-5999

Beautiful Creatures

Hedonistic alternative hard rock and metal.
Liquid Room, 1/10-11, 7pm, ¥5800. Info: Creativeman 5466-0777
Ron Sexsmith
Canadian singer-songwriter will deliver his usual intimate and understated tunes.
Club Quattro, 1/13, 6pm, ¥6000(adv) w/1d. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Buffalo Daughter
Shibuya-kei indie rock.
Shibuya Ax, 1/13, 7pm, ¥4000. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Mr. Big
Here for the last time.
Zepp Tokyo, 1/14, 27, 5pm, ¥7000(S), ¥6500(A). Shibuya Ax, 1/15, 7pm, ¥7000. Info: UDO 3402-5999
Extreme the Doho Vol. 2
With Eyehategod—one of North America’s premier noise-influenced metal bands—Soylent Green and more.
Club Quattro, 1/15, 7pm, ¥4000(adv), ¥4500(door). Info: Smash 3444-6751
Most successful Canadian band of the 90’s switched from pop to grunge and hit the big time.
Club Quattro, 1/16-17, 7pm, ¥5500. Info: Creativeman 5466-9777
A blend of blues rock, hard rock and emerging rock.
Shibuya Ax, 1/18, 7pm, ¥2500. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Agnostic Front
One of the first bands to bridge the gap between metal and punk.
Club Quattro, 1/23, Shimokitazawa Club 251, 1/24, 7pm, ¥5000(adv), ¥5500(door) w/1d. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Swedish hardcore outfit in Japan for the second time.
Shibuya Club Eggsite, 1/23, 7pm, ¥3500(adv), ¥4000(door). Tel: 3496-1561. Shimokitazawa Shelter, 1/24, 7pm, ¥3500(adv), ¥4000(door). Tel: 3466-7430
Punk-indie band from Sweden
Club Quattro, 1/24, 7pm, ¥4500 (adv) w/1d. Shimokitazawa Shelter, 1/25, 7pm, ¥4000(adv). Info: Smash 3444-6751
Blonde Redhead
Their noisy, dissonant guitars, alternate tunings and quiet, stilted lyrics have often been compared to early Sonic Youth.
Aoyama Cay, 1/27, 7pm, ¥4000. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Ocean Colour Scene
Birmingham-based Brit pop, retro rock heroes.
Liquid Room, 1/28-29, 7pm, ¥6500(adv) w/1d. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Salvatore Adamo
Born in Italy, this French-language pop singer has sold over 80 million albums worldwide since the ’60s.
Orchard Hall, 2/2, 5pm, 2/3, 4pm, ¥8000(S), ¥7000(A). M&I Company 5453-8899.
Utsunomiya Bunka Kaikan, 2/9, 5pm, ¥6500(S), ¥5500(A). Info: Kay Point 048-881-2200
Big lips, tight pants, massive hits.
Tokyo Dome, 2/2-3, 5pm, ¥9000(S), ¥8000(A). Info: UDO 3402-5999
Lisa Loeb
Adult alternative pop rock.
Shibuya Kokaido, 2/3-4, 6pm, ¥6500. Info: Smash 3444-6751


Survivors of the Manchester revolution still rocking 10 years on.
Shibuya Ax, 2/7-8, 7pm, ¥6300. Info: Creativeman 5466-0777
Alternative dance and pop/rock.
Zepp Tokyo, 2/8, 7pm, 2/9, 5pm, ¥7000(S), ¥6000(A). Info: UDO 3402-5999
Four-man band from San Diego with hardcore punk sounds as its base, but also Latin, reggae and hip-hop blended in for an aggressive but melodious mix.
Club Quattro, 2/12-13, 7pm, ¥5500w/1d. Info: Creativeman 5466-0777
Ozzy Ozborne
Ridin’ the crazy train after all these years.
Nihon Budokan, 2/15, 7pm, ¥8000(S), ¥7000(A). Info: Udo Tokyo 3402-5999.  Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai Hall, 2/18, 7pm, ¥8000(S), ¥7000(A). Info: UDO Yokohama 045-664-6969
The Strokes
Innovative rockers from New York hailed by the UK music press.
Shibuya Ax, 2/15, 7pm, ¥5500. Info: Creativeman 5466-6751
Jimmy Eat World
Mesa, Arizona-based emo band.
Liquid Room, 2/25-26, 7pm, ¥5500(adv) w/1d. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Michelle Blanche
18-year-old pop singer/songwriter.
Akasaka Blitz, 3/5-6,7pm, ¥6500. Info: H.I.P. 3475-9999
Arch Enemy
(Has been held back from the original September date due to the terrorist attacks in the US. All pre-sold tickets are valid for these dates.) Contemporary death metal-song titles such as “Wages of Sin” and “Demonic Science” say it all.
Akasaka Blitz, 8/29/2001 postponed to 3/15/2002. Harajuku Astro Hall, 9/2/2001 postponed to 3/18/2002 Info: Club Citta 044-246-8888

Roger Waters

Founding member of Pink Floyd’s In The Flesh World Tour 2002.
Tokyo International Forum Hall A, 3/28, 7pm, 3/30-31, 5pm, ¥9000(S), ¥8000(A). Info: UDO 3402-5999


Soulful Japanese R&B singer.
Akasaka Blitz, 4/25, 7pm, ¥5000(adv), ¥5500(door). Info: H.I.P. 3475-9999


(aka Boredoms) With DJs EYE, Yaama, Moodman and their trademark four drums and two percussion sets.
Liquid Room, 12/12, 6pm, ¥4000. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Drum & Bass Session 2001
Turntable Masters featuring DJ Craze (USA), Randall (UK), Dazzle-T (Japan) and more!
Liquid Room, 12/22, 11:30pm, ¥3500(adv), ¥4000(door). Tel: 3200-6831
2002 Countdown
(Tickets on sale from 12/2.) Featuring DJ Krush, Co-Fusion, Shufflemaster, DJ Kensei, Alex, Kaoru Inour, Captain Funk, DJ Hide, DJ 19, Yoda, Sawa and Yoji Biomehanika.
Ebisu the Garden Hall/Garden Room, 12/31, 8pm, ¥5000(adv), ¥6000(door). Info: Ebisu the Garden Hall 5424-0111

Liquid Room Countdown Party

Featuring Takkyu Ishino and guests.
Liquid Room, 12/31, 8pm, ¥5000. Tel: 3200-6831

Janet Jackson

(Tickets on sale from 11/4.) Mike’s kid sister continues to sing and swing.
Tokyo Dome, 1/17, 7pm, ¥9500. Info: Kyodo 3498-9999
Money Mark
Keyboardist whose funky, retro-flavored riffs earned him the unofficial title of the fourth Beastie Boy.
On Air East, 1/28, 7pm, ¥6000(adv) w/1d. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Alec Empire
Runs the gamut from isolationist ambient, electro, breakbeat, hard techno, to even twisted lounge music.
Akasaka Blitz, 2/1, 7pm, ¥5500. Info: Smash 3444-6751
LA hip hop.
Liquid Room, 2/6, 7pm, ¥6000. Club Citta Kawasaki, 2/7, 7pm, ¥6000. Info: Creativeman 5466-0777
Captain Hedge Hog
With guest Short Circuit.
Shibuya Ax, 2/9, 6pm, ¥2500. Info: Smash 3444-6751
Arch Enemy
Akasaka Blitz, 3/15, 7pm, Harajuku Astro Hall, 3/18, 7pm. ¥6500. Info: Club Citta 044-246-8888
Destiny’s Child
Their October concert has been postponed to May.
Yokohama Arena, 10/19 postponed to 5/10, 7pm. 10/20 postponed to 5/11, 5pm. Info: UDO 3402-5999


In Cahoots
UK jazz/rock band from Canterbury.
Tribute to the Love Generation, Odaiba, 12/8-9, 7:30pm, ¥6400(adv), ¥6900(door). Tel: 5531-2024
Lisa Ono
Winter bossa tour.
Bunkamura Orchard Hall, 12/10, 7pm, ¥7000. Info: Disk Garage 5436-9600.
Michael Brecker
Jazz fusion and sax.
Blue Note, 12/10-15, 7 & 9:30pm, ¥8400. Tel: 5485-0088
Heavenly Choir
Powerful energy and spiritual gospel group.
Sakura Hall, 12/14, 7pm, ¥3500. Tel: 5390-1221
Park Tower Blues Festival 2001
The best of the blues with Earl King and George Porter, John Primer and the Five Blind Boys from Mississippi.
Park Tower Hall Shinjuku, 12/14, 7pm, ¥6300 reserved, ¥5800 standing. 12/15, 3pm, 12/16, 2pm. ¥7000 reserved, ¥6000 standing. Info: Upright Productions 5465-5539
Sadao Watanabe
The king of Japanese saxophone celebrates his 50th anniversary in the business.
Bunkamura Orchard Hall, 12/14, 7pm, 12/15, 6pm, ¥6500(S), ¥6000(A). Info: Tokyo Onkyo 3201-8116
Tango For 4
Fujisawa Shimin Kaikan, 12/15, 6:30pm, ¥5000(SS), ¥3000(A),¥2000(B), ¥1000(C). Tel: 0466-23-2415
Ray Charles
Extraordinary pianist who needs no further intro.
Nakano Sun Plaza, 12/15, 5pm, ¥7500(S), ¥6500(A). Info: Music League 3475-1016

Glen Miller Orchestra

The original swingmaster Glen Miller’s big band defined the genre in the ’40s.
Tokyo Fine Arts Theater, 12/15, 2pm. Orchard Hall, 12/16, 2pm, Suntory Hall. ¥6000(S), ¥5000(A). Info: Ito Music Promotions 5466-9999
Bulgarian Voice
Lots of harmony.
Tribute to the Love Generation, Odaiba, 12/16, 1:30 & 7:30pm, 12/17-18, 7:30pm, ¥6000. Tel: 5531-2024
David Sanborn
Legendary alto sax player pumping out the smooth jazz.
Blue Note, 12/17-22, 7 & 9:30pm, ¥12.600. Tel: 5485-0088
London Community Gospel Choir
Nakano Sun Plaza, 12/18, 7pm, ¥5800(S), ¥4800(A). Tel: 3388-7906
Sonny Turner with The Platters
’60s doo-wop group takes you back.
Chigasaki Cultural Hall, 12/19, 7pm, ¥5000(S), ¥4000(A). Tel: 045-243-9999
Omiya Sonic City Hall, 12/22, ¥5500. Info: 048-881-2200
New York Hallelujah Company

Gospel at its best.

Asahi Seimei Hall, 12/21, 7pm, ¥4500. Info: SET 3420-2897
Herbie Hancock
Grammy award-winning jazz keyboardist ventures into drum’n’bass, hip-hop and world-music.
Blue Note, 12/25-27, 7 & 9:30pm, 12/23-24, 6:30 and 9pm, ¥10,000. Tel: 5485-0088
Japanese acoustic guitar duo.
Setagaya Public Theater, 12/23-24, 6:30pm, 12/25, 7pm, ¥6000. Info: Conversation 5280-9996. Nerima Bunka Center, 1/24, ¥5000(S), ¥4000(A). Tel: 3993-3311. Chiba Bunka Center Art Hall, 1/25, 7pm, ¥4500. Tel: 043-224-8211
Kei Kobayashi Christmas Dinner Show
Japan’s number one male jazz vocalist.
Capitol Tokyu Hotel, 12/24, 6:30pm dinner, 8pm show. ¥30,000 (includes full course French dinner). Tel: 3581-4511
Jazz All-Star Big Band
A tribute to Dizzy Gillespie with such greats as John Fandis, Randy Brecker, David Gibson, Jimmy Heath, Benny Green, John Lee, etc.
Blue Note, 12/28-29, 7 & 9:30pm, 12/30, 6:30 & 9pm, 12/31, 8 & 11pm, ¥9000 (¥11,000 on 12/31 includes a glass of champagne or wine). Tel: 5485-0088
Richard Bona
Cameroon born jazz bassist.
Blue Note, 1/7-12, 7 & 9:30pm, ¥7000. Tel: 5485-0088
Steve Hackett
Acoustic evening with John Hackett on flute and Roger King on keyboards.
Tribute to the Love Generation, Odaiba, 1/12, 7:30pm, 1/13-14. 6:30pm, ¥7500(adv), ¥8000(door). Tel: 5531-2024
Tommy Flanagan Trio
Jazz pianist Tommy Flanagan with Tootie Heath and drums with sounds and style that hasn’t slowed down since the 50s.
Blue Note, 1/14, 6:30 & 9pm, 1/15-19, 7 & 9:30pm, ¥8000. Tel: 5485-0088
Progressive band from Canterbury.
Tribute to the Love Generation, Odaiba, 1/26-27, 7:30pm, ¥7500. Tel: 5531-2024
Jan Garbarek & the Hilliard Ensemble.
Sumida Triphony Hall, 2/13 & 2/15, 7pm, ¥6000(S), ¥5000(A). Info: Conversation 5280-9999
Quarteto Jobim Morelenbaum
Brazilian bossa nova group.
Tribute to the Love Generation, Odaiba, 2/15-16, 7:30pm, ¥6500(adv), ¥7000(door). Tel: 5531-2024
Candy Dulpher (sax)
Club Quattro, 2/23, 5 & 9pm, 2/24, 5pm, ¥6800 w/1d


New Japan Philharmonic
Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 with conductor Toshio Yanagisawa and Katrin Scholz on violin.
Bunkamura Orchard Hall, 12/13, 7:30pm, ¥6000(S), ¥5000(A), ¥4000(B), ¥3000(C). Info: New Japan Phil Ticket Box 5610-3815
Beethoven World
Three piano sonatas by Ikuyo Nakamichi.
Sai no Kuni Saitama Fine Arts Theater Music Hall, 12/15, 3pm, ¥4000(S), ¥3000(A). Tel: 048-858-5504
NHK Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Charles Dutoit leads violinist Vadim Repin playing Rossini, Dukas, Paane and Tchaikovsky Guillaume Tell.
Bunkamura Orchard Hall, 12/19, 7pm, ¥7500(S), ¥6000(A), ¥4500(B). Info: Bunkamura 3477-3244
Kioi Shifonietta Tokyo—32nd Subscription Concert
With Conductor Hiroyuki Iwaki and pianist Kaori Kimura playing Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony in C minor and Concerto for Piano no. 2 in F major.
Kioi Hall, 12/21, 7pm, 12/22, 6pm, ¥5500(S), ¥4500(A), ¥3500(B). Tel: 5276-4520
New Japan Philharmonic
Their Ninth Special Concert with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 and others.
Bunkamura Orchard Hall, 12/22, 7pm, ¥7000(S), ¥6000(A), ¥5000(B), ¥4000(C). Info: New Japan Phil Ticket Box 5610-3815
Vienna Waltz Orchestra
Performing Blue Danube and other waltz classics.
Yokosuka Fine Arts Theater, 1/3, 4pm, ¥6000(S), ¥5000(A), ¥4000(B), ¥3000(C). Tel: 0468-28-1602. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, 1/4, 12:30 & 4pm, ¥7000(S), ¥5500, ¥4000(B). Tel: 3943-9999
Suntory Hall Valentine Concert
A special night with your special honey and world-renowned trumpeter Maurice Andre and his family.
Suntory Hall, 2/14, 7pm, ¥6000(S), ¥5000(A), ¥4000(B). Info: Suntory Hall Ticket Center 3584-9999

Lune Fleming

The first recital in Japan for this top star of the Metropolitan Opera. Suntory Hall, 4/1, 7pm, ¥12,000(S), ¥9000(A), ¥6000(B), ¥4000(C). Info: IMN Information Desk 3403-9003