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Last temptation of rice crackers

Illustration by Marie.  

It is at times of sheer desperation and extreme neediness; times when I need a fresh JY10,000 bill broken so I can get beer out of the vending machine, that I buy rice crackers. My reasoning at these times is so far from logic as to be a speck on the rationality horizon.

In England, if you want to break into say… STG5, spending anything less than a pound is asking for trouble. Requests of "just a Mars bar please" are an open invitation to abuse. To proffer a STG50 note (about JY10,000) is to cause uneasiness from the outset, and, unless you are buying something substantial with it, such as a complex electrical appliance, you will be considered a danger to society and arrested.

Japan, oh Japan. Land of plentiful, unashamed, safe cash. A kingdom where carrying a bushel of notes causes no due alarm. One could positively chuck one’s money into the air with the assurance that some kind person would help to pick it all up.

Certainly, wielding large denomination notes for all one’s small purchase needs is all but a national pastime. This brings me to the crux of my tale of woe.

Many a time I have successfully burned through a JY10,000 bill in record time and feel the fanciful urge to do the same thing again. Furthermore, this commitment to more spending is always, I feel, in need of a bit of liquid celebration.

And so I am faced with the dilemma. I want to buy beer from the vending machine placed so conveniently near my house, but I have no means to use it because it only takes JY1000 bills. However, I have lots of money and nothing I really want from the nearby, alcohol-free 7-11, my only link to change. If I were Japanese, I would have no problem. I’d just sashay in, buy a JY100 Cup Noodle and be done with it. My problem is twofold: a) Cultural habit precludes the buying of small purchases (see above) and b) If I have to buy something that I don't want, let it be, at least healthy...?

And this is where the irrationality takes over. Rice crackers are not healthy substitutes for other crunchy snacks. They belie all the evils of crisps, tortillas, butter popcorn and other primordial comestibles.

But, I forget this every time I am in this situation. What is more, I never opt for the tasty prawn cracker I know I am able to digest. Oh no! At times of stress, all I really want are the outlandish green ones with sprinkly stuff. They MUST be more nutritious, and look! They cost a little more than the others so I won’t feel so bad about the JY10,000.

So here I sit, having finished my meager beer but still faced with three quarters of a bag of rice crackers that taste like something between dry cleaning chemicals and soil.

And I shall have to eat every one of them to pay penance for using STG50 to pay for a bag of crisps.

Many thanks to Evelyn Anderson for this Rant.

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