Yes I want see it; I' a history and film fanatic and love airplanes. Distort history? Absolutely, I think filmmakers have a license to manipulate historical fact. The film will succeed simply because of the appreciation the Japanese have for the American product. I think Ben Affleck's a talented guy.
I want to watch the film because I love seeing Americans in trouble (joking!). I don't think producers have anything to do with history. Success! Everything is a success in Japan. I know I am and I'm from Canada!! I like Ben Affleck, he's a good actor.
I won't see Pearl Harbor because I don't like action flicks. Since it's a movie, it's OK to change history a little bit, but it should stick to the main facts. The film should do well since the subject of changing Japanese textbooks at school is a heated topic at present, and it's a good time to focus on the issue. As for Ben Affleck, I don't know much about him.
Diving for pearls
Photos by Beezer

As far as summer Hollywood blockbusters go, the opening of Pearl Harbor in Japan this month will be more contentious than most. Already questioned for its dubious historical content, the film is sure to be heavily scrutinized by the Japanese public. This week we asked filmgoers their motivation, if any, for seeing Pearl Harbor, whether it will it be a hit, whether producers should be able to distort history, and what they think of Ben Affleck - good actor or just another pretty face?

Yes, I'll check out the film because I'm interested to see what Americans are thinking. I'm confident they haven't played with the historical facts too much. I don't think it will be a hit because Japanese people don't like to see things that make them look bad. Ben Affleck is not a great actor because he is always acting with his eyes.


I'm planning to see Pearl Harbor because it's a love story, and I heard the location is an interesting place for a date. As for history, what is historical fact, please? Yes it will be a hit in Japan - "love your enemy." I think Ben Affleck is an average actor with an average face.

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