Koy and Babu

KOY: We are here at Anreas Larsson' photography exhibition. It's excellent-I love the way it's presented. I haven't found a favorite piece yet, but I bet they cost about JY400,000 each, at least.
BABU: I don't know much about art, to be honest, 'cos I'm a monkey.


I'm here to see the Andreas Larsson exhibition. It's great! I like the composition of his photographs, and especially his use of shadow and light. I reckon his stuff probably costs about JY100,000 a photo, maybe more.

Mika and Toshihiko
TOSHI: We're at Les Coulisses De La Mode show at the Bunkamura. The heel on the high heel was just excellent. How much would I pay for it? About JY30.
MIKA: I really liked the pleated dress, but it probably costs about JY280,000. Takai, ne?
Art Attack!
Photos by Beezer

There are so many galleries in Tokyo it would be faster to repaint the Sistine Chapel than visit them all. This week we paint a picture of the art scene around town, what you're seeing, what you think of it and how much you'd pay for it. This is art - be serious. No monkeying around.

Michiko and Shigeko
MICHIKO: We've just seen Les Coulisses De La Mode exhibition. How was it? So good, like it was done by God. I really want the dress, so I hope it doesn't cost too much!
SHIGEKO: It was fun. I was surprised how detailed and intricate everything was. I want the dress too. But you can't put a price on art, can you.

Les Coulisses De La Mode was really wonderful. It showed how much work and skill goes into making these clothes. I hate to think how much they would cost!
298: Wear me out
Look hot, stay warm and ski cool this season
297: Eye Spy
Who's the apple of your eye?
296: Love me, tender
What does your bartender think of you?
295: Don't sweat it!
Warm and fuzzy sweaters
294: Hot off the Presses
Potty about Print Club
293: Fright Night
TC's Halloween party
292: Clip Art
This year's accessory of choice: hair clips
291: Wild Wild East
Tokyo's urban cowboys and cowgirls
290: Sights for sore eyes
Glimpse a rosier hue of the metropolis
289: Some like it hot
Sipping hot sake in Tokyo's izakaya
288: Scents-ational
Try to smell as yummy as possible
287: Bottled Up
Bottled beverages to battle the humid hell of summer
286: Grin and bare it
Show us those pearly whites
285: Oh pairs
Love is in the air
284: Matsuri Mania
International festivals in Tokyo
283: Mini motors
Marvelous mini cars
282: Fab Tabs
How did you manage to get your tab so high?
281: Midnight Cowboys
Nocturnal rumblings of Tokyo clublife
280: Fridge Dares
Into the heart of your icebox
279: Hot One Hundreds
Bargains at your local 100 yen shop
278: Star Whores
What will you do to get that Skywalker fix?
277: Blade Runners
In-line skating has take over the city
276: Game On!
New generation of hi-tech arcade games
275: Party On!
TC's Summer Party
274: Commuted Sentences
The hells of commuting
273: Hawaii Five - Oh No!
The Hawaiian vibe of colorful cool
272: Orange crush
Tanning is work
271: Art attack
Painting a picture of the art scene around town
270: Ale tales
Which do you prefer: SMAP or non-alcoholic beer?
269: Sound of the city
Where do you buy your CDs?
268: Say cheese...
What are you putting in your shopping basket?
267: A dog's life
Who ya meeting at Hachiko?
266: Brow beaten
High brows and low brows of Tokyo's eyebrows
265: Strike up the band
Live houses around the city
264: Bloomin' marvelous
Hanami parties are booming!
263: Lap it up
The luxuries of the laptop
262: Flash and trash
Disposable cameras are the answer
261: The Cutting Edge 
Taking in your body art
260: Sweet Pies
What are you feeding that sweet tooth?
259: Shots in the dark
TC's 5th birthday party
258: Pigging it in the middle
Hungry? What's your dream sandwhich?
257: The packet racket
The joy of pocket tissues
256: Sweet addiction
Can't live without your weekly dose of Tokyo Classified
255: Time for tea
Tokyo is a tea-totaling town
254: Caught thread handed
What's keeping your digits from dropping off?
253: Game for a scarf
Scarves, the standard Ivy League ID
252: Basket cases
Bicycle basket garbage cans
251: On your toes
How much thought do you put into your socks?
250: Uniformity
Donning a uniform

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