William Wasp
I' driving a Subaru Classic. I love it because it's so retro, just like a mini 1960s car. If it were a person it would be a he; short and fat with lots of space. I'd call him KONISHIKI!
My car is a Daihatsu Mira. Actually I don't love it that much. It's slow, although it's also safe. If it was a human, my car would be called Lester - lazy and lethargic.

I drive a Daihatsu Attrai Auto Cruise. Of course I love my car! It's so small and easy to park. It wouldn't be a human, really, more of an alien. ET's cousin, perhaps.

Mini motors
Photos by Beezer

The days when you couldn't be seen driving around downtown unless your car was the size of a small aeroplane are numbered. Tokyo has seen the light! What applies to mobiles also applies to motors - small is sweet, cute is cool, mini is marvelous. This week we check out the mini cars you're driving, and ask why you love your wheels? And if yours was a person, what kind of personality would it have, and what would its name be?

My mini car is a Daihatsu Mira. I love it because it turns so easily, and it's small, which is a must for Tokyo streets. If it was a person it would be shy, but unwilling to get out of the way for the big guys. I'd call her Sweetie!

I'm driving my little Mitsubishi. I love it because there's never any trouble parking it and because it's kawaii! If it was a person it'd be cute, a little bit shy, perhaps, and I'd call it something Japanese like chibi, or shorty.
298: Wear me out
Look hot, stay warm and ski cool this season
297: Eye Spy
Who's the apple of your eye?
296: Love me, tender
What does your bartender think of you?
295: Don't sweat it!
Warm and fuzzy sweaters
294: Hot off the Presses
Potty about Print Club
293: Fright Night
TC's Halloween party
292: Clip Art
This year's accessory of choice: hair clips
291: Wild Wild East
Tokyo's urban cowboys and cowgirls
290: Sights for sore eyes
Glimpse a rosier hue of the metropolis
289: Some like it hot
Sipping hot sake in Tokyo's izakaya
288: Scents-ational
Try to smell as yummy as possible
287: Bottled Up
Bottled beverages to battle the humid hell of summer
286: Grin and bare it
Show us those pearly whites
285: Oh pairs
Love is in the air
284: Matsuri Mania
International festivals in Tokyo
283: Mini motors
Marvelous mini cars
282: Fab Tabs
How did you manage to get your tab so high?
281: Midnight Cowboys
Nocturnal rumblings of Tokyo clublife
280: Fridge Dares
Into the heart of your icebox
279: Hot One Hundreds
Bargains at your local 100 yen shop
278: Star Whores
What will you do to get that Skywalker fix?
277: Blade Runners
In-line skating has take over the city
276: Game On!
New generation of hi-tech arcade games
275: Party On!
TC's Summer Party
274: Commuted Sentences
The hells of commuting
273: Hawaii Five - Oh No!
The Hawaiian vibe of colorful cool
272: Orange crush
Tanning is work
271: Art attack
Painting a picture of the art scene around town
270: Ale tales
Which do you prefer: SMAP or non-alcoholic beer?
269: Sound of the city
Where do you buy your CDs?
268: Say cheese...
What are you putting in your shopping basket?
267: A dog's life
Who ya meeting at Hachiko?
266: Brow beaten
High brows and low brows of Tokyo's eyebrows
265: Strike up the band
Live houses around the city
264: Bloomin' marvelous
Hanami parties are booming!
263: Lap it up
The luxuries of the laptop
262: Flash and trash
Disposable cameras are the answer
261: The Cutting Edge 
Taking in your body art
260: Sweet Pies
What are you feeding that sweet tooth?
259: Shots in the dark
TC's 5th birthday party
258: Pigging it in the middle
Hungry? What's your dream sandwhich?
257: The packet racket
The joy of pocket tissues
256: Sweet addiction
Can't live without your weekly dose of Tokyo Classified
255: Time for tea
Tokyo is a tea-totaling town
254: Caught thread handed
What's keeping your digits from dropping off?
253: Game for a scarf
Scarves, the standard Ivy League ID
252: Basket cases
Bicycle basket garbage cans
251: On your toes
How much thought do you put into your socks?
250: Uniformity
Donning a uniform

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