My chopsticks are great for eating okonomiyaki. My girlfriend, Miho, is the smallest thing I can pick up with my chopsticks. An embarrassing chopstick moment? Well, let' just say it mainly required surgical intervention and Vaseline.
Chopsticks are good for just about everything. I use them for rice, ramen and yakisoba, just to name a few. A sesame seed is the tiniest thing I can pick up with my chopsticks. My most embarrassing chopstick moment? While I was eating sashimi, I dropped the same fish in soy sauce six times before it actually made it into my mouth. Good things come to those who wait!

I'm eating Hiroshima-yaki with my chopsticks. I think that shredded seaweed, is the smallest food that my chopsticks can handle. My most embarrassing chopstick moment was not being able to use them when I was a kid! I wasn't allowed to eat the school lunch until I could use my chopsticks correctly.

Chop till you drop
Photos by Beezer

Whether adept or inept, we've all been complimented on our chopstick skills at one time or another. Love 'em or leave 'em, you're sure to need 'em whilst dining in Tokyo. Whether you're adept at the art of eating, or just plain clutzy, chopsticks are tools worth tackling. So, big, small, messy or neat, forego the fork and take a stab at whatever is on your plate. This week, our roving reporter gets the shtick on your sticks: What are you eating with your chopsticks and what's the smallest thing you can pick up? And exactly what kind of embarrassment have they brought your way?


I'm eating yakisoba with my chopsticks. My apartment is without a doubt the smallest thing I can pick up with my chopsticks, and I would say that the trickiest food to eat with chopsticks is tofu. What's embarrassing? Being better than the locals!

Kato Yulo
I'm using my chopsticks to eat yakisoba with a sunny side up egg on top. Chopsticks are good for even the smallest of foods, like sesame seeds! I'm a bit embarrassed because I can't hold my chopsticks correctly, and people are always telling me the right way to use them.

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