Raoul Byolindin
This is the first time that I' seen a Cirque du Soleil performance. I would look too tall in those costumes I'd look like more of a freak than I am. Acrobatic? Me? Since I've lived in Tokyo, I haven't been too acrobatic. They didn't do anything to me in the beginning of the show I'm broke, so I was way in the back row.
Darren & Motoko
This is our first Cirque du Soleil event, and we're having a great time! We found out about it through friends. How would we look in their costumes? Wonderful - that's why they should let us in the show!

I'm not very acrobatic, so I enjoyed watching the flexible antics of the performers inside. Other art events I've been to recently include music concerts and K.1.

Media Circus
Photos by Beezer

Under the Big Top in Harajuku, behind the National Yoyogi Gymnasium lies the stage for the exciting Cirque du Soleil performance Saltimbanco. This week, our roving reporter caught some spectators in the act of enjoying the acrobatics, and found out what they really think about the world renowned circus.

This is the first time I have ever seen Cirque du Soleil in action. I found out about Saltimbanco through TV commercials. Their costumes are fantastic, but I doubt I would look good in them.


This is my third Cirque du Soleil event! Four years ago, I saw the Alegria show twice. How would look in their costumes? Good, but I'm not very acrobatic; I can touch the floor without bending my knees, but that's about it. They didn't do anything to me in the beginning of the show, but they came to the person sitting two seats away from me.

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