Generation next

With the next phase of i-mode's launch date just around the corner, keitai-crazy Japan gets set with a host of funky, high-tech 3G phones and gadgets. Chieko Tashiro sneak previews some cutting-edge hand-held gadgets.

Office in a mobile
This one has a camera, video conferencing telephone, access to the Internet, capacity to download music and graphics...but wait...there's also room to save your music to a flash memory card. J-Phone

Smaller, smarter phone

This is smaller than the tiniest on the market now and promises not to cut out when your bullet train enters a tunnel. You can wander far from home, to India or Reykjavik, and still be able to call Mum. DoCoMo

Movie phone
Watch the latest Godzilla movie on this fab phone or use the screen to videoconference. DoCoMo

Dick Tracy-style phone in a watch

OK, OK...the comic character had one first and that was way back in the 1930s. But at least you can have the real thing. With this mobile in a watch you can send emails, talk, and, of course, tell the time. G-Shock

Videophone with flash memory card

Have a video conference call and snap a still photo too. Also has a 64K flash memory card slot to exchange or save those calls-great when you're talking to the boss or canceling a date. J-Phone

Phone in your PC
This PDA device has a phone built in. So without any connection you can browse the net, send emails and faxes. Use the in-built camera to take a photo of yourself and send to your friends. The screen isn't tiny either. DoCoMo

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