Gadgets to go

Chieko Tashiro gets the goods on the latest mobile devices.

Mobile devices are no longer the preserve of keitai and PDAs, and Japan is ground zero of the wireless technology boom. Check out these cool new products you carry with you.

Matsushita Electric Pronote AirFG
What the new wireless PC, Pronote AirFG from Matsushita Electric, lacks in messy cords it makes up for with convenience. A portable 689g screen allows you to take your desktop with you to the TV room, kitchen or bedroom where you can get cozy and access your programs with the tap of a pen. Luckily, this clever contraption is shock- and water-resistant.
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Casio Cassiopeia BE-300
If you needed one more reason to jump on the pocket PC bandwagon, Casio's new Cassiopeia BE-300 is a portable mini-TV. It has a compact flash slot, RS232C connection, USB and stereo headphone jack for mobile entertainment. If you use NTT DoCoMo's P-in Comp@ct or DDI pocket's C@rdH"64petit - or any PHS data device - it can create a wireless mobile environment. Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 as OS. CUP is NEC's VR4131 (166NHz), also included. Display is 8.2 inch LCD with resolution of 320 x 240 dpi. Out in September.
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KDDI cdmaOne C451H
On July 4, KDDI launched ezplus and a mobile phone to go with it. This new service is Java-based and allows you to download up to 50KB of applications, such as games, scheduling software, etc. It also has a chat application so you can enjoy real time communication. Middleware developed by Omron moves programs to another device and operates programs on the mobile phone as an Object Request Broker-an application that enables multiple users to share software. That means you and your friend can play games together.
GPS and Phase2 service will be available from fall.
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Sharp Aquos DVD mobile theater DV-L90TC
The industry's first mobile DVD theater with widescreen, the Aquos DVD mobile theater DV-L90TC fits in your bag or briefcase, which makes it the perfect for travelling companion. With an 8.7-in LCD monitor and Dolby headphones. The graphics and sound are sharp. It also comes with an SD card slot and a UHF/VHF tuner that enables you to watch TV.

Hitachi Waterscape
Hitachi will soon introduce a sample mobile device called Waterscape that has no on/off button. You simply operate it by shaking and moving the ball to select contents downloaded from your PC. The cute display looks like the surface of the ocean, and when you incline the Waterscape, content choices bubble to the surface. If you keep Waterscape straight, you can read the contents you've selected. Unfortunately Hitachi has not yet decided on the exact price, date of release, or specific features.
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Kyushu Matsushita Electric Mobile Del Navi KX-GP1
Mobile Del Navi KX-GP1 from Kyushu Matsushita Electric is the world's first car navigation system that's portable. It has a 5.8-inch touch-selectable screen that can be used like a PDA. The screen has a built-in communication function, so you can browse the Net and send and receive emails when you take it with you. The SD memory slot can be used to save information or as an SD audio player.

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